Zinc Spraying & Steel Blasting

Zinc Spraying


Zinc spraying is not the same as hot dip galvanizing. It's a process of applying molten zinc with a handgun applicator, effectively welding the zinc to the article's surface. It's an effective corrosion protection treatment, second only to the hot dip process itself.


It is often used when an item is too large to fit in our hot dip galvanizing baths, or when an item is susceptible to heat distortion. There are no limitations to the size, shape or structure of components suitable for this process, but inner surfaces cannot be coated unless the item is very large.


Zinc Spraying can sometimes deliver a more aesthetically pleasing finish. There are no limits to how much zinc can be applied, with the ability to apply different thicknesses to specified areas. After zinc spraying, a protective vinyl sealer is applied and surfaces can then be painted if desired like their hot dip galvanized counterparts.


Please note, CSP's zinc spraying services are available for large-scale industrial projects and are not suitable for small-scale applications. Please consult CSP to discuss if this service is suitable for you.


Steel Blasting


As part of the proper preparation for duplex paint coatings and zinc spraying, CSP offers two main types of steel blasting. Low-pressure garnet blasting is used to prepare galvanized surfaces for duplex paint coatings. High-pressure abrasive blasting is used to strip away any unwanted surface coatings and contaminants like rust, providing an increased surface area for the successful adhesion of zinc spray coatings.

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