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Christchurch Team for CSP Coating Systems
Ash Arya from CSP Coatings

Ash Arya
Managing Director Auckland Branch
Hailing from the UK, where he did his training, Ash manages the Auckland site with operations staff reporting to him. His main interest is metallurgy and Ash offers technical advice to designers and fabricators and is the go to guy for any issues in the plant as far as CSP’s customers are concerned. In his spare time Ash is a keen sailor with his own yacht.

Gavin Visser
Managing Director Christchurch Branch
Gavin brings a strong Cantabrian foundation to the business having been brought up and currently residing in this fine province.

Gavin's extensive business experience includes owning his own businesses, employment positions with National Australia Bank. Callaghan Innovation and also a contracted role with recover Canterbury in assisting businesses after the Canterbury Earthquakes. He supports this experience with an MBA and is a Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia.

In his spare time Gavin is kept busy with his teenage son and daughter and enjoys supporting them on their various endeavours. He has a keen interest in Rugby, Food and a beverage to match!

Robin Stanley from CSP Coatings

Robin Stanley
Robin was born in the UK. He graduated with Honours in Metallurgy from Manchester University and then worked in the steel industry and then in sales organisations in the UK and France for a number of years. Robin relocated to New Zealand in 1999 and began working in the field of high temperature materials and noise control. Robin currently works as the MD of Pyrotek based in Auckland. He is married with 3 children and enjoys sailing in his spare time.

Stephen Rackham from CSP Coatings

Stephen Rackham
Stephen is New Zealand born and bred. Stephen has qualifications in accounting and has a work background in banking and accounting. He currently works as the Finance Manager at Pyrotek in Auckland. He lives in Auckland with his wife and two sons and is the Treasurer of the Weymouth Cricket Club where he also coaches a youth team.

Christchurch Team for CSP Coating Systems
Christchurch Team for CSP Coating Systems
Wayne Scott from CSP Coatings

Wayne Scott
Operations Manager
Wayne has 30 years experience in the galvanizing industry and with a long service award he is in charge of the Christchurch site, liaising with designers and specifiiers as well as ensuring compliance with Health & Safety. His priorities are care of his staff and a quality galvanized product. Wayne is a golfer and keen gardener in his spare time. He has been part of Community Watch and cares for a pensioner in his neighbourhood.

Wayne Scott from CSP Coatings
Scott Leslie from CSP Coatings

Scott Leslie
Productions Supervisor
With 15 year’s experience in the industry, Scott is responsible for ensuring that the product goes through to spec and on time. Not only is he concerned with his team’s health and safety but Scott is also involved in increasing the value of the business with an Environment Values award to his credit. Scott’s devotes much of his leisure time to raising his daughter.

Scott Leslie from CSP Coatings