CSP Coating Systems is New Zealand's largest integrated galvanizing and zinc spraying operation. CSP has been coating steel since 1963, supplying both large-scale industrial users and smaller customers alike with premium quality results, nationwide.


Our Auckland and Christchurch facilities provide a nationwide service and are the largest galvanizing plants in the North and South Islands respectively.


Auckland Facilities


A Plant: Main galvanizing facility with 9.15 metre long x 1.37 metre wide x 2.59 metre deep galvanizing tank with the ability to double end dip items up to 13 metres long. 4 x 5 tonne gantry cranes.


Christchurch Facilities


Exact inside measurement 10m long, 2.6m deep and 1.5m wide.   We can generally single dip items up to 9.5m long depending on design.  Allowances should be made for getting work in and out of the bath. The Christchurch branch can double dip items that are approx. 12m long or 4.4m high, but customers should refer to the branch to confirm dipping possibilities for large items. A PDF of the pocket book is also attached. 11 x 2 tonne monorail cranes.


Please contact us if your items requiring galvanizing are large and we can advise.

CSP Galvanizing Coating Systems CSP Galvanizing Coating Systems CSP Galvanizing Coating Systems