Duplex Coating System for Galvanized Steel


At CSP's Auckland facility, we offer an exclusive Duplex Coating System which provides even greater protection against corrosion. The process combines the benefits of galvanizing together with industrial painting systems from leading international paint suppliers like PPG and Altex.


Apart from aesthetic and decorative reasons, under normal atmospheric conditions away from coastal regions and industrial pollution, there is little protective advantage to be gained from painting galvanized steel.


However, in harsh corrosive environments, the painting of galvanized steel is a well-proven practice. It delivers effective, durable results for a wide range of conditions, offering greater corrosion protection, chemical resistance and significantly enhanced service life.


Specialised surface preparation is required to ensure the successful application and adequate adhesion of paint to a galvanized surface.


A wide range of paint colour options and finishes are available. These are applied at our onsite painting facilities, ensuring they're in optimum condition with little chance for surface contamination or weathering.


The resulting duplex coatings have a synergistic effect where the properties of the combined treatments deliver corrosion protection performance well beyond that of either of the two methods alone.


CSP's Duplex Coating System offers substantially extended corrosion resistance, making it ideally suited to harsher, corrosive environments where increased chemical exposure is a factor.


Ultimately, the key advantage is the cost saving through extended service life with reduced maintenance and replacement expenses.


Please note, CSP's painting services are available for large-scale industrial projects and are not suitable for small-scale applications. Please consult CSP to discuss if this service is suitable for you.

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